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The School of Foreign Studies (SFS) of Chongqing Jiaotong University (CQJTU), formerly known as the Department of Foreign Languages in 1994, is among the first  to offer undergraduate program in foreign languages in Chongqing. The School has six departments and centers dedicated to teaching and research (Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Department of College Foreign Language Teaching, Department of Foreign Language Teaching for Graduate Students, Education Center for Masters of Translation and Interpreting, Language Experiment Center, and Language Training Center) and four research bases (Center for European Studies under Ministry of Education, Center for Transportation Studies, Center for Engineering Translation Studies and Center for Japanese Studies). At present, SFS possesses 101 faculty members, including 11 professors, 24 associate professors20 teachers with doctors degree, 29 M.A. supervisors, 5 reviewers for National Social Science Foundation, 5 experts selected into Chongqing Social Sciences Expert Database, and 4 experts from Chongqing Foreign Language Discipline Senior Title Review Committee. The school also boasts 1 expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council and 1 provincial-level academic leading expert.     


Introduction to Undergraduate Programs

The School of Foreign Studies has two undergraduate programs, namely, English and Translation. The English program was set up in 1994, and translation in 2013.


As a national first-class major, English major ranks B+ for 2022 Best Chinese Majors Ranking. This major is characterized with the combination between English and transportation, aiming to foster students with solid foreign language skills, broad international perspectives, foreign language proficiency and engineering cultural literacy. Featured by the engineering and business knowledge and skills, this program aims to foster high-level practical students with rich humanistic quality, solid foundation in English skills, profound knowledge in English language and literature, broad international perspective, and basic engineering and business knowledge.


Translation major ranks the second in 2023 among the universities in Chongqing and the 34th among Chinese universities by Science and Education Evaluation Network in China 2023-2024. In 2021-2022, this major was evaluated as the Five Star major in China Science and Education Evaluation Network Report. In line with the principle of building a solid foundation, developing interdisciplinary quality, and improving characteristics, this major features the intersection of English and engineering disciplines and focuses on the Belt and Road Initiative and China's economic and social development to cultivate students’ cross-cultural communication skills and engineering literature translation skills.

Masters program

The school is authorized to offer masters degree in foreign language and literature (including English Language and Literature and Japanese Language and Literature) which encompasses 3 sub-disciplines:

1. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

It involves studies of language cognition, language acquisition, discourse analysis, corpus application, and foreign language education.

2. Foreign Literature and Comparative Literature

It involves studies of English literature and Japanese literature as well as comparative studies of Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese literature.

3. Translation Theory and Practice

It involves studies of translation theories, translation of classical Chinese works, translation of military works, diplomatic translation, audiovisual translation, and engineering translation.

In 2023, MTI program of SFS offers the sub-discipline of English and Chinese Translation, which mainly involves Chinese and English translation in fields such as business, technology, engineering, culture and education. It aims to foster students' professional translation skills and cross-cultural communication abilities.



Scientific Research

Over the past decades, SFS has been enhancing research in key areas of foreign languages and literature and proactively exploring new research fields (e.g., engineering language studies, Chinese engineering cultures, and international communication). The staff members have hosted over 100 national social science funds, humanities and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, and provincial-level humanities and social science projects. They have published nearly 60 academic monographs, 130 translation works, and over 700 academic papers. In addition, in 2021 and 2022 SFS has twice hosted the International Forum on Engineering Culture successfully. In 2022, the supervisor team of Chinese and Foreign Literature and Culture Exchange has been accredited as Municipal level Supervisor Team for Masters.


Students cultivation

SFS currently has about 710 students, including 609 undergraduate students and 94 graduate students. Based on the motto of Self Cultivation and Broad Erudition, SFS adheres to education internationalization, sets up unique majors that combine English and translation with engineering knowledge.and aims to foster professionals in Engineering English and Translation. The students of our School have achieved great success in the National English Contest for College Students, English Speech Contest, English Debate Contest and other English contests, and the passing rates of CET-4 and CET-8 are among the best in Chongqing. Many graduates from our School have been admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing International Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, University of Edinburgh, University of Adelaide, Monash University and other renowned universities at home and abroad for further study. The initial employment rate of our graduates has remained over 90% .

SFS keeps close cooperation to jointly cultivate students with enterprises such as China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and Guangxi New Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. Based on the features of the majors, the School regularly holds the English Culture and Arts Festival English Drama Competition, English Movie-Dubbing Competition, English Song Competition as well as a series of professional competitions such as English-Speaking Contest, English Debate Competition, and Translation Contest. In addition, SFS also organizes activities for labor and aesthetic education (such as Dance Competition, the Charm of Class and Dormitory Show) and set up a Psychological Counseling Center and an Academic-Counseling Center to enhance the Academic Tutoring System.